Monday 12 October: Welcome back to Term 4

Dear Families

A warm and friendly welcome to the last term of 2020! This is the shortest term for our school, but one that is jam-packed with activity. I am looking forward to experiencing the events this term brings, including orientations, Christmas celebrations and Speech Night, albeit in different formats than would usually be the case.

COVID-19 Update

On 24 September NSW Health distributed updated advice and requirements for Term 4 regarding COVID-19. The information below outlines guidelines that remain the same, things that have changed and activities that remain on hold. 

What remains the same
  • Danebank will maintain enhanced school cleaning, including additional cleaning on site throughout the day.
  • We continue to expect good hygiene protocols from our staff and students, including staying home when unwell, regular and thorough hand washing/sanitising, coughing into one’s elbow or a tissue and washing one’s hands immediately.
  • Non-essential adults are still not permitted on site. Adults who are on site for the uniform shop, teacher meetings, or family tours are expected to strictly adhere to the above protocols, signing in and adhering to our Health Action Plan. 
  • Avoidance of singing, dancing and chanting in general.
  • Community use of facilities such as the Greek School and swimming lessons can continue. 
  • HSC exam protocols: as communicated to Year 12 students at the end of Term 3.  
  • Our Health Action Plan: please visit this link to refresh your memory about how we implement the government Covid-safe requirements in terms of staff and students displaying symptoms. 
  • Temperature testing will continue at Danebank, even though this is not essential. 
  • Masks: while the wearing of masks to school is not essential, students and staff are permitted to do so.
  • As previously, for all school-based activities to proceed, a Covid-safe risk management plan is submitted to the Executive for approval. 
What has changed in Term 4
  • Inter-school activities, including sport, can re-commence with COVID-19 safety plans. 
  • Where possible, students must stay in their year group. 
  • Year 12 formals and graduations can proceed at the conclusion of HSC exams, Thursday 12 November. Strict COVID-19 protocols will apply. Details to follow.
  • Orientation, transition experiences, excursions and camps can resume with strict guidelines including approval of a school-based COVID-Safe Risk Management Plan. Details will follow in due course.
What remains on hold for Term 4
  • Interstate excursions
  • International excursions 
  • Face-to-face professional learning for staff
  • Parent and carer attendance at assemblies and other school events 
  • Parent and carer volunteers, for example parent reading helpers (note: canteen and uniform shop volunteers are permitted) 
  • School-based activities that involve large gatherings of adults. These include parent/community gatherings such as parent functions, working bees, fundraisers, school barbecues, large parent information evenings, and large on-site cultural events. 

We will continue to keep you up to date with details as Covid-safe plans are made and approved. I wish you a wonderful term.


Return to On-Campus Learning: Phase 0-4


Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure

In the event of COVID-19 related disruptions to school operations during school hours, the link below describes the steps Danebank will follow to protect students and staff and communicate with parents. Families are asked to read this now and discuss the temporary closure evacuation plan with their children in advance, so as to clarify the family's plan for pick up and getting home. Click here to read the Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure

Danebank’s Health Action Plan is updated according to the latest advice from the Federal and State Government:
  • Anyone arriving in Australia by air or sea must go into government-approved mandatory quarantine for 14 days from arrival in Australia. This applies to staff, students and members of our community.
  • Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has arrived from any overseas country, is to exercise a high degree of caution. They are to self-monitor for symptoms and must not come to school if feeling unwell. If needed, seek medical advice urgently and isolate yourself.
  • Any student or staff member who has been in close personal contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 must remain at home for 14 days following that contact.
  • Students and staff who are unwell or displaying symptoms of respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19 must not attend school and should remain at home until all symptoms have disappeared.
  • COVID-19 symptoms can include fever (37.5°C or higher), cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell.
    NSW Health requires that such a person, with even mild symptoms, self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19 at a testing clinic
  • Any student or staff member who has been tested must not attend school while awaiting results and must adhere to isolation/quarantine protocols. Please notify the school if the result is COVID-19 positive. 
  • Any staff or student who has any COVID-19 symptoms will be prohibited from returning to school until proof of a negative COVID-19 test result has been provided. The school requires two documents as proof to be emailed to Junior School or Senior School:
  • Any student or staff member who, while at School, becomes unwell or displays symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19 must immediately report to sickbay and will be sent home.
  • The following actions are promoting COVID-safe living: 
    • Hand hygiene
    • Keeping 1.5m physical distance
    • Get tested when you have COVID-like symptoms and self-isolate


Updated: 19 August 2020

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27 January: New Attendance Measures

27 January: Health Action Plan

How to wear face coverings

How to make a face mask

Face mask information

Financially Difficult Circumstances

We do acknowledge and understand that this is a difficult time for some of our families. The financial impact may be challenging, both initially and in the aftershock of the crisis. We anticipate that the effects on our wider community, and particularly on many individual families, will be with us for some time.
As a School, we have no desire for any girl to have to leave our community during this period. We believe that, given the current uncertainty, now is not the time to make decisions that may have an adverse impact on your daughter’s education and wellbeing.
The Board of the Anglican Schools Corporation and the Danebank School Council, together with myself and the School Executive are actively considering how to best support families in maintaining their daughter’s enrolment at Danebank, should they face financial hardship. We understand that the full extent of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on some families may take some time to fully emerge. We ask for your continued patience as we consider these matters and determine the best way forward for our community.
To help us better understand the financial impact COVID-19 is having on families, we are inviting you to inform us of your current situation and/or expected need for assistance by contacting our Director of Finance and Operations, Ms Beth Ellerman: or 9580 1415.

What if a member of the Danebank community has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

What if a member of my household or workplace is suspected to have been in contact with someone who has been tested/diagnosed with COVID-19?

What if I choose to keep my daughter at home?

What is Danebank doing to aid the safety of students on campus?

Will Danebank be using temperature testing on campus?

What if my daughter is in a high-risk health category?

What health and safety measures are in place at school?

Are student excursions, events and other off-campus activities taking place?


EXTEND (before and after school care)

What should I do if my child is sick?

What is close contact?

What is casual contact?

What is ‘self-isolation’?

What is the advice for overseas travel?

How to reduce the risk of infection

Distance learning on campus

Learning Support


What if the coronavirus news is causing you or your child anxiety?

Feelings of worry and unease can be expected during stressful events, such as the recent declaration of a global pandemic, however, it is important that we learn to manage our stress before it turns to more severe anxiety and panic. Read the reliable attached fact sheets from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Australian Psychological Society (APS) which outline useful strategies for helping children manage their stress during the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 FAQs for young children

For a COVID-19 information chart for young children please click here.

Overseas trips cancelled

Advice and Restrictions

NSW Government Advice: Help stop the spread of COVID-19

Please follow the advise from NSW Health regarding gatherings and travel.

Anyone could spread the virus, even without knowing. Together we can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Temporary Closure of Campus Protocol

In the event of COVID-19 related disruptions to school operations during school hours, the link below describes the steps Danebank will follow to protect students and staff and communicate with parents. Families are asked to read this now and discuss the temporary closure evacuation plan with their children in advance, so as to clarify the family's plan for pick up and getting home. Click here to read the Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure

Social Distancing

HSC Information and updates from NESA

We recommend going directly to the NESA COVID-19 page for the latest information. The NESA COVID-19 Response Committee will continue to meet weekly and provide updates and advise. Each week new decisions and advice will be provided. 



Mental health and COVID-19

During this time, it’s important to do things that help us to cope and maintain good mental health. Click here for simple things that can help us all to cope with the many changes we have had to make to the way we live, work and communicate.

NSW Government Mental Health link

Australian Government Coronavirus Information App

Stay up to date with official information and advice about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the Ap will provide notofocations when urgent information and updates are published by the Government.

Download information available here.


COVIDSafe app

The COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps support and protect you, your friends and family.

Click here to read more and to download the app.


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