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Wednesday 27 May: Important Advance Lockdown Information

Dear Families

You may be aware of the temporary closure of two schools yesterday due to students testing positive for COVID-19. While we pray that this will not happen at Danebank, please be assured that we are well prepared for the possibility, as the Premier and Prime Minister have both flagged the likelihood of more such cases.

This letter outlines Danebank’s planned course of action so that families know what to expect in such circumstances. Please read it with care and discuss this with your daughter. The following information stands side-by-side with Danebank’s Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure.

As always, Danebank will communicate with our families via sms, app alerts, email and our COVID-19 Portal.

If a member of the Danebank community has been diagnosed with COVID-19:
  • Parents of the affected individual or member of our community are asked to notify the Principal: phone 9580 1415 or email
  • The Principal will be in contact with NSW Health. 
  • Danebank will take instruction from NSW Health and respond accordingly.
  • Danebank may be required to go into a short period of lockdown to determine who may have been in close contact (contact tracing) with the infected person. Parents will receive an SMS regarding the lockdown and a follow-up email clarifying the situation.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the campus until NSW Health advises that the lockdown comes to an end. At this time, parents will be alerted and students will be dismissed as described in the Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure.
  • People assessed as being a “close contact” will be contacted by NSW Health directly and given appropriate advice. They are usually required to be isolated for a minimum of 14 days.
  • People assessed by NSW Health as being a “casual contact” are also informed and provided with appropriate medical advice.
  • The length of any subsequent closure of the campus will be determined by NSW Health (estimated to be 24 to 48 hours) while intensive cleaning of the school takes place.
  • Due to privacy legislation, the infected individual/s will not be identified by the school.
  • Danebank will contact parents of those children who have been in close contact with the infected individual as a follow-up. 
  • Parents are required to follow the directions and stated expectations of the school as communicated in the Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure and other communications at the time of the event.
If a member of your household or workplace is suspected to have been in contact with someone who has been tested/diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Contact the school to report this: 9580 1415 or
  • Consult with NSW Health or your GP as to whether a COVID-19 test is recommended for you or your family.
  • Seek guidance from NSW Health to determine the required length of absence Plan for your child to stay at home for the required minimum of 24 to 48 hours and up to 14 days
Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure (main points)

It is important that your contact details, held by the school in Edumate, are up to date to ensure you receive any emergency communications. Either change it in the Edumate portal or email the school at:

Please click through and read the full Procedure document so that you are informed and can discuss this with your daughter, clarifying, for example, how she is to get home in these circumstances. 

However, here are some main points:

  • SMS alert to all community members (i.e. parents/ guardians) outlining that the school campus is in lockdown. 
  • An email communication from the Principal advising of the lockdown (reasons given) and informing of the course of action on the day.
  • Lockdown will be lifted under NSW Health instruction, after which parents/carers will receive an updated SMS and email about collecting their daughters.
  • Communication to follow advising of possible temporary closure of the campus for intensive cleaning and while contact tracing is conducted.
  • Parents/carers are not to enter the campus to collect their daughters, they are to wait at the gates or in their cars as they would on a normal afternoon pick-up.
  • Dismissal and collection details for Life Skills, Senior and Junior School students and how the dismissals are staggered, are outlined in the Procedure document.


Unwell students and staff to stay home

I want to emphasise to all students and members of staff to stay at home when you are unwell and get tested for COVID-19 if you display any flu-like symptoms. This is clearly outlined in Danebank’s COVID-19 Health Action Plan and I encourage you to familiarise yourself with this again in the coming days. Any student or staff member who becomes unwell on campus will be immediately sent home. Likewise, any student or staff member who has a temperature outside the normal range, will be sent home. 
In our management of the risks of COVID-19, we will continue to follow the medical advice and the guidelines.

Please continue to maintain and promote good hygiene, including handwashing with soap and running water for 20 seconds, as this is an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Learning while in 14-day isolation

If students are not unwell, but in self-isolation due to any of the above, school work may be made available as is possible on the applicable learning platforms, e.g.: Canvas, Google suite and Seesaw.

In the Senior School, teachers may choose to share information regarding the learning of the day on the Canvas announcements page. However, it is up to the student to access the day’s teaching in the usual way, as would have been the case pre-COVID-19.

Similarly, in the Junior School, teachers may choose to share information regarding learning for the day on Canvas or Seesaw.

Matters of note
  • Parents and students are asked to not post details of such an occurrence on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and to support Danebank as we endeavour to disseminate clear and factually accurate information through our designated communication channels.
  • If you are concerned because someone in your household may have been in close contact with anyone at another school where someone tested positive, please follow the advice of NSW Health. If you have concerns, please contact us by email:
  • We are closely monitoring new COVID-19 cases in our local area and are ready to increase safety measures, should it be required.
  • Our current procedure of temperature testing for students, staff and all individuals who enter the campus, will continue, along with all other safety and cleaning measures we have implemented as described in Phase 3 of our returning to on-campus learning plan. 
  • It is important to note that it is not possible to keep students physically distanced from each other. 
  • The NSW Health COVID-19 website is an extensive source of accurate and up-to-date information.

We are deeply encouraged by the ongoing support and cooperation of our magnificent Danebank community. 

I want to continue to reassure you that, should further action be required of us at Danebank, we are well prepared for this situation and have well-developed plans in place. We continue to monitor and reassess our activities in the light of advice from NSW Health. 

At times like this, when there is uncertainty and constant change, we are encouraged by the steadfast and unchanging nature of our God. He will sustain us, strengthen us and guide us as we continue to navigate our way through these waters.


Message for Parents

A message for Senior School

At the end of a tumultuous term, Dr Burgess has a special message for our Senior School girls.

Dr Burgess reads to Pre-K to Year 4

Dr Burgess reads one of her favourite pictures books to our youngest Danebank students, "A Bit of Company".

Dr Burgess reads to Years 5 and 6

Dr Burgess reads "What to do with an Idea" to our Stage 3 girls.

Return to On-Campus Learning: Phase 0-4

Term 2: Danebank Phases 1-3

Temporary Closure of Campus Protocol

In the event of disruptions to school operations during school hours, the School will utilise the following mechanisms to communicate emergency information amongst families, staff, students and visitors to the campus, incorporating a variety of communication channels.

Click here to read the Temporary Closure of Campus Procedure

Infographic from Quarantine

Year 11 SRC was interested to know what all our students had been up to during isolation. Wellness Wednesday gave them the idea to survey all our students and make an infographic with the results. Here are the results:

New Friendship Friday activities

On Friday, Year 12 continued with their Friendship Friday initiative but introduced new activities to do. Instead of 'Coffee & Chat', they had three activities that the girls could choose from including Just dance, Kahoot and Yoga. When it was time for BOND, a zoom link was sent out for each activity which meant that girls from different grades were able to participate in a fun activity. 
All activities were successful and were a great way to connect all the girls and do something fun with friends while at home. Here are some photos of the Zoom fun they had.


What are your responsibilities during distance learning?

Listed below are the expectations of you as students during Distance Learning. We ask that you are responsible and prepared to learn while learning form home.

We're Zooming along!

To submit your photos, videos or stories of your Distance Learning experiences email us at:

Virtual Science Excursion

Meet the experts at ANSTO

During Week 11, fifty-six Danebank students attended video conferences with two scientists from ANSTO in our own private zoom sessions! Most of the students in attendance were from our senior biology and chemistry classes but we were also joined by a group of keen scientists from Years 8 to 10. During the online conferences, we learned about applications of electron microscopy from Dr Daniel Oldfield and the use of radionuclides to detect and treat diseases from Dr Maggie Aulsebrook.

Helping out the community

Alexandra (Year 10) in her spare time has been making scrub caps for nurses. She’s now sewing official scrubs and will donate them to Spotlight’s charity collections for nurses. 


Alexandra's sister Freya (Year 7) also made some natural lip balms and is selling them to help raise money for the Cancer Council. Freya chose the Cancer Council because it is a cause close to their heart as their Grandmother is unwell with Cancer.


Here are some nurses at Sutherland Hospital wearing some of Alexandra's scrub creations.


Prefects' Vlogs

Our Prefects have created a lovely video expressing their heartfelt appreciation for our hard working teachers. Thank you!


Quarantine with me

We get a glimpse into Sophie’s day learning to be an artist. We think she did a pretty spectacular job!


Who doesn't love Nutella mud cakes? Spend the day with Maddie H doing a workout, cooking and learning a relevant lesson from her Bible reading.


Emily makes it look very simple to turn a hand towel into a pillow. What a sweet pillow print!

A special thank you from the Prefects

Although they are facing unusual challenges themselves in their HSC year, our lovely Prefect team still took the time to consider and show appreciation for Danebank's staff. Earlier this week they serenaded our staff with a beautiful and quirky compilation of songs to thank them for keeping on-and-off-campus operations up and running, and for supporting our students during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a wonderful and greatly-appreciated gesture from our girls!

From the Head of Junior School

A warm welcome to Week 1 of Distance Learning from Mrs Melinda Buckley.

Mrs Melinda Buckley has a message of thanks and encouragement to all of the parents in our Danebank community. 

Off-campus is great!

Girls happy at home

Mia (Year 6) completing a PE task at home set by Mrs Mall.

Cindy (Year 4) beautifully playing the Cello and 'The Last Post' for Anzac Day.

Cindy (Year 4) singing the Australian National Anthem at home on Anzac Day.

Happy Friday from 4M on Zoom last week.

To submit your photos, videos or stories of your Distance Learning experiences email us at:

Transitioning Back to School

Danebank Wellbeing Check In 

Welcome to another week and more changes with your Danebank Distance Learning!

We hope that you have enjoyed a week of sun, routine, learning and a quieter pace before our on-campus transition starts in Week 3.  We hope you are looking forward to being back on campus and catching up with everyone. As this can be both an exciting but challenging time, we thought this week we would focus on transitioning back to school successfully.

Staying Focused When You Feel Like You Can’t



Positive Emotions

Focus on what you can control, take some time to be grateful and appreciate what you do have, minimise media consumption, focus on facts (not media hype).


Develop those things that you are good at, be proactive and ask for help when needed.

Keep an eye on this section as our wellbeing team will continue to add valuable information.


Stay connected with friends, family and teachers. Make a call, Zoom, use social media to connect with others. Remember that avoiding the virus does not mean avoiding people.


Maintain normal routines and structures wherever possible and they allow a sense of security and predictability. Routines include sticking to a normal school day, meal times, bed time and doing your chores. Be kind to yourself, find meaning in difficult emotions and accept that there will be tough times.


Challenge your Mind - Books, Reading, Puzzles


Stay active, sleep well, eat well, hydrate, be mindful.

Keep an eye on this section as our wellbeing team will continue to add valuable information.

School Counselling Team

The Danebank School Counselling Team is committed to supporting all students’ wellbeing during this uncertain and challenging time. We will continue to offer support and counselling to our students and their families and to find new and creative ways to provide wellbeing information and strategies to students more generally.

Mental health and COVID-19

During this time, it’s important to do things that help us to cope and maintain good mental health. This link to the Federal Government's mental healthcare site lists some simple things that can help us cope with the many changes we have had to make to the way we live, work and communicate.

Mental health wellbeing Apps

Physical Health

Webinar - Independent Learning and Smart Study

The below final webinar will be running on Thursday, May 28th 


Event Title: Elevate Education – Independent Learning and Smart Study 
Date: Thursday 28th May

Time: 6pm AEST

Sign-Up Link:

Cost: Free


As restrictions are gradually lifted, these tips will aid students in their transition back to normalcy and set them up for the rest of their academic lives. 


During the most recent webinar, we discussed the value in using weekly planners. If you would like to pass something tangible on to your parent community, you can access our weekly planner template here.




Remote Learning FAQs Video Series with Dr Salter

While some students and families have embraced remote home learning, others are still struggling with certain aspects. Form most schools Term 2 there will be a mix of some students returning to classes and others learning from home. How long this will continue for and if it will need to be adjusted again, no-one knows at this point in time. Dr Salter (a specialist in study skills) has released a video series answering the most commonly asked FAQs to help Years 7-12 families make the learning taking place at home as effective as possible this term. You can access this series here:


Being confined to home for an extended period of time can cause stress and conflict.

Take a look through some of these tips for looking after your children during isolation:

How to talk to your children about coronavirus

With our screens and radios filled with COVID-19 news, it is very easy for adults to feel overwhelmed. If you are feeling anxious, it is reasonable to assume your children are too, given that they may not understand everything they see online or on TV, or hear from others. Along with other psychologists, our counsellors advise that you have open, honest and supportive discussions with your children to help them understand and cope. Hopefully, this will relieve a little of their anxiety, stress and sadness. 

Below are a few links to reliable, trusted organisations with advice for when you speak to your teens and younger children:

Provide support for your daughter

ADHD Advice for Parents

Expectation of your daughter during distance learning

Zoom: a guide for participants

Ranier Uniform Shop Hours

Ranier Uniform Shop has reopen for Term Two

Ranier requests ordering online prior to collecting from store. For online ordering please visit

  • If you are unsure of the size required, purchase your best estimate online. 
  • Only unworn items can be exchanged for free if required.



Trading Hours - Term 2 (as at 21/4/2020)

  • Tuesday  2pm – 5pm
  • Thursday  8am – 11.30am
  • Saturday  9am – 12noon (1st Saturday of the month)



For first time users you will need:

  • Student name 
  • Student number
  • School password (dane2220)

Email if you have any problems with registration.



For your safety and ours:

  • Please observe social distancing advice while at our shop
  • Only one family is permitted within the shop at a time
  • Please expect longer waiting times

 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Click here for further details

EXTEND (before and after school care)

Our girls have done so well and have been working hard at adjusting to their Distance Learning Program. The girls, and staff, are deserving of a well earning holiday break!

Enjoy the break from 'learning at home'

Knowing that this holiday time will be a little trickier as we can't do many of the things we might normally love doing during our holidays, we have put together a list of suggested activity ideas you might like to try over the next few weeks.

Lots of the fun ideas have come from our Junior School staff, who would like you to try something new and have some fun at home. Be creative, think outside the box and explore new ideas. Our Senior girls will enjoy many of the activities too! Remember to keep in contact with each other by phone or email or face time. Together, we can all help and support each other. 


Writing, Reading & Illustrating

Various Resources & Ideas

Zoos/Farms/Aquariums Virtual Tours

Storybox Library Collection

Physical Activities


Contact Details

If your child is too unwell to study during the time the School campus is closed, email us:

Click here to go to our Distance Learning Plan.